What’s for breakfast?

Do you ever just get up in the morning and you’re ready to get the day started? I mean really get up and seize the day? I woke up like that today and you know what? I really dislike that my stomach is rumbling and I have to take time to stop and eat something! I just want to dive in and get to work.  I feel like eating takes up so much of our time! It doesn’t have to of course, but when I’m in the zone, I don’t want to have to take time to go eat.

Good Morning!

I know, I know…our bodies need to be nourished.  I’ve read some articles saying that breakfast isn’t necessarily the most important meal of the day as so many of us were told. You can read more about that here.

I’m not really a breakfast food type of gal either. Eggs are ok, but I tend to gag on them when I’ve eaten more than a few bites.  Bagels are tasty, but…carbs. All the carbs. I prefer to grab something small that I can munch on and work at the same time.  It used to be goldfish crackers or cheese its. But again…carbs.  They aren’t that nutritious either. I’ve found that keeping a small bag of blueberries is pretty helpful. Small, easy to eat and I can just keep on working.  The downside is, they aren’t in season very long.

I’ve found a pretty good solution. Fat bombs. Sounds kinda gross right?? I assure you, they are not. They can be wonderfully tasty. There are several recipes on-line for a person to choose from.  You can even make them ahead of time and freeze them!  Want a tasty recipe? Check out this article.

So, tell me…what are your go to breakfast choices?

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